Saturday, April 28, 2018

"I Want".
The miraculous healing of the paraplegic, Stavros Kalkandi.

The following story is not a well written narration created by the fantasy of a dreamer, nor a fairy tale for simple children's minds, nor is it a planned, fabrication which serves sane determined purpose. Rather, it is my true to-life testimony; the story of my life; a life which has passed through many painful stages and undergone many struggles and agonies until it finally found its correct meaning and its correct path, leading me close to God.
The War of 1940-41 found me as a twenty year old youth serving in the Martial Air force. In April, 1941, I received a Wound in the cervical part of my spinal cords lower marrow, while I was on an assignment. This brought about a certain spinal hemorrhage (eiparachnoeidis), and partial paralysis of the lower organs. In other words, I became a paraplegic.

The German occupation then followed.
Because my condition slowly began to improve, I went to the Middle East as an officer. There, I had the misfortune of reinjuring my neck which resulted in the aggravation of my condition. In April, 1947, after the war ended, the homeland sent me to America. As soon as I arrived there, I underwent an operation on my spinal column. I left the operating room worse than I got in. They diagnosed spastic tetraplegia with ortho­bladder (orthokystikon) disturbances. I then became a tetraplegic (paralyzed in both arms and legs). I stayed in America until 1957. Then I returned to Greece. I had a few flashes of improvements; however, without any positive results.

Saturday, April 21, 2018

Mère Mariam Zacca

          Qui est celui-ci qui donne la lumière à partir des ténèbres et de la vallée de la mort, à partir d’un tombeau .?!.
Il est la lumière du Verbe qui était auprès de Dieu, Lui qui est depuis le commencement, Il est Dieu et par Lui tout a été fait ..!!..
L’univers et les cieux, les corps célestes et les étoiles, la Terre et toutes les bêtes, les oiseaux et les océans….
En Lui était la Vie et Lui, le Dieu était sa lumière ..!!..
Par Lui tout a été fait et sans Lui rien n’a été fait de ce qui existe.
Il dit : voici que j’ai fait la vie, l’univers et la lumière ; mais où est l’homme .?!...

The Myrrbearing Women and the Christian Women of Today.
Elder Sofian Boaghiu

Elder Sofian Boaghiu of Antim Monastery (now with the Lord) was sentenced by the communists (in 1958) to 15 years of hard labor in the concentration camps for keeping the true Orthodox Christian faith and refusing to become atheist.

Elder Sofian Boaghiu.
As you know, the third Sunday after Easter is the Sunday of the Myrrh bearing women, or the Sunday of the faithful women, keepers of Christian family. You should be joyful that you partake of this special honor from our Resurrected Lord. And through our most pure Mother Theotokos and the Holy Myrrh-bearing women, you have a Sunday a year when you are especially honored. May the Lord multiply in you the grace and gifts of the Holy Spirit and may the gift of Christian love abide truly in you, in order that you may become maintainers of Christian’ warmth and harmony in your family. For many families today are met with disaster… as you know better than me, so I will not speak about it.

Saturday, April 14, 2018

Doubting Thomas… Believing Thomas.?!.
Kosmas Damianidis.

Dearly Beloved Brethren,
Nobody knows the time or even the place that our Lord is returning to judge the living and the dead. For this reason, the Fathers of our Church do not tell us to try and outsmart God, by predicting the time that He will appear. On the contrary the Fathers concentrate on teaching us to be constantly ready and watchful, by praying, fasting and doing works of love and faith. We are instructed to expect a sudden if not instant entry of our Lord.
In the final chapter of the Book of Revelations, the Apocalypse of St John the Theologian, we are informed that we must fully accept the imminent coming of our Lord Jesus Christ. Furthermore we are told that our world will suffer terribly before the Second Coming of our Lord and that this world will be destroyed. Nevertheless so let it be, in obedience we should pray "Even so, come, Lord Jesus" (Rev 22:20) and come quickly.
In John chapter 20 we are told of the pitiful sight of the Apostles who gathered in a small dark house for fear of the Jews after the death of our Lord Jesus Christ. They had locked every window and door, and they were in a state of mourning. They must have been deeply depressed, angry, disillusioned, confused and very afraid to say the least.

Saturday, April 7, 2018

La fête…l'allégresse du cœur.
Archimandrite Aimilianos Simonopetra.

Portrait de L'Archimandrite Aimilianos
offert par Père Elisée, higoumène de Simonopetra, 
au monastère Saint Jean-Baptiste, Liban.
L’Archimandrite Aimilianos (Vafeidis) fut l’higoumène du monastère Simonopetra  dès 1974 jusqu’à 2000. Comme jeune enthousiasmé, il avait l’intention de devenir un missionnaire à l’étranger, mais en tant que moine il a vécu une expérience spirituelle spéciale qui l’a transformé en un moine enflammé de zèle pour la rénovation de la vie monastique. C’est ainsi que fut renouvelée la vie monastique au monastère Simonopetra au Mont-Athos, et fondé le monastère de L’Annonciation à Ormilia en Grèce.

         Je suis très heureux de pouvoir, enfin, vous réunir après les jours si denses que nous venons de vivre. Nous pouvons dire que ce temps liturgique, celui de la Grande Semaine, fut le plus beau de l'année.
Les fêtes sont passées. En nous résonnent encore les hymnes de la Passion, auxquelles ont succédé les cris jaillissant de nos cœurs devant le Seigneur ressuscité. Personne ne peut nier que nos fêtes étaient splendides. C'était les fêtes de Dieu, et non de ces fêtes dont on dit: «Je méprise vos fêtes», car elles ont rendu nos cœurs joyeux dans le Christ Jésus.