Saturday, September 3, 2022

Tears of Love
Mother Mariam Zacca


Mother Mariam Zacca.

O My Lord and God!!!

My soul is in the tomb, whereby You reside, so how could it die?!

And how do I die, if Your hand touched me and You live in me.?!. Your body and blood enter my insides every time they are offered at the altar, a secret sacrifice of love!

You resurrected, my God!. Death did not conquer You! The soldiers were only able to hurt Your earthly body with wounds!. However, You went down to the tomb and resurrected wearing the clothes of glory, which is why Mary was not able to recognize You!

She came to You with myrrh, to embalm You, to embalm the corruption of the flesh, so You became like the myrrh flowing down on her head and heart.! …

Along came the women to Your tomb, to untie what tied Your arms and legs, so You tied them with Your voice and the light of Your face saying: “Go and declare the Resurrection”.. You said to Mary: “I’m Resurrected, o Mary, so don’t be afraid anymore!”.. and Mary got afraid!

And I am afraid too, O my Lord, I’m afraid.!...

In our weak flesh, in our attachment and love for You, we are afraid because You left us, and the world despises us!..

Father, we became like dirt, it is how the devil threatens us!…

 He strives to rip us from our place, from waiting You, from bringing myrrh to Your tomb, from our tears, from our love for You!..

But, we will wait for You!.. Yes, every day, we wait for You in the tomb, and what’s beyond the tomb!..

Father…under the cross, in the garden of Gethsemane!.. The women were not present there, initially, but they were in their houses, waiting for Your call, waiting for a sign from You, waiting for You to summon them!..

They were embalming themselves to welcome the Groom, instead of pouring the myrrh of their tears on their bodies, cleansing and preparing themselves for You!..

What can we offer You, o Lord.?!. Only tears of love, and the presence with You, because we love You?!..

Please, prevent us from wars O Lord, hide us in the shadow of Your wings, and give us Your peace, and grant us Your fortitude!!. Settle our life in your home, your monastery!

Nail us on the Cross of your love, on praising Your name, on calling You! For there, on the cross of Your love, Your Resurrection emerges, so fix us on the cross, and in the resurrection, o Lord, since it is the joy with You, it’s the repose in You, it’s the feeling of peace, and that we arrived to the end of the journey…

Now, we will never stumble, now, we are firm, and we won’t fear wars anymore, and the enemy will not conquer us!!.

Forgive us, O Lord, and secure us more and more on Your love cross, so we witness Your Resurrection in us as joy, peace, and love for You and only You!..


… And mercy for everyone who needs You!!..


Translated from Arabic. Original article here.