Saturday, December 17, 2016

Prayer of Saint Ignatius the Antiochian.

   Trusting, O Lord, in the abyss of Thy loving-kindness, I offer Thee this prayer from my foul mouth and my unclean lips.
    Remember me, for Thy holy name was invoked over me and Thou hast redeemed me with the price of Thy blood, for Thou hast sealed me with the betrothal of Thy Holy Spirit and Thou hast raised me from the depth of my trans­gressions, that I should not be seized by the enemy.

    O Jesus Christ, defend me and be my strong helper in my struggle, for I am a slave of lust and I am assailed by it. But Thou, O Lord, leave me not cast to the earth and condemned by my deeds. Free me, O Lord, from the evil slavery of the prince of this world and make me Thine own in Thy commandments. Thy Person is the way of my life, O my Christ, and the light of my eyes.
    O God, Master and Lord, give me not roving eyes, and dispel from me evil lust. Defend me with Thy holy arm. Let not longings and lusts overwhelm me, and give me not up to a shameless soul.
    May the light of Thy presence shine in me, O Lord, lest darkness over­whelm me, and I be snatched by those who walk in the night. Do not surrender to invisible beasts, O Lord, a soul which confesses to Thee. Do not allow Thy servant, O Lord, to be wounded by alien dogs.
    Grant me to be a receptacle of Thy Spirit, and make me a house of Thy Christ, Holy Father. O Guide of the lost, guide me lest I stray to the left. I long to see Thy face, O Lord. O God, guide me by the light of Thy countenance.
    Grant me, Thy servant, a fountain of tears, and give Thy creature the dew of Thy Holy Spirit, lest I wither like the fig tree which Thou didst curse; and let tears be my drink, and prayer my food.
    Turn, O Lord, my weeping into joy and receive me into Thine eternal tabernacles. Let Thy mercy overtake me, O Lord, and Thy bounty en­compass me, and pardon all my sins, for Thou art the true God Who pardonest transgressions. And do not allow, O Lord, the work of Thy hands to be put to shame on account of the multitude of my trans­gressions, but call me, O Lord, through Thine only-begotten Son, our Saviour.
    And raise me who lie prostrate like Levi the publican, and quicken me who am slain by my sins, like the son of the widow.
   For Thou alone art the Resurrection of the dead, and to Thee is due the glory for ever. Amen.