Saturday, October 10, 2015

Silence or a Vision of Eternal Rest.

This is a short handwritten manuscript handed over from Saint Ambrosios of Optina Monastery in Russia (whose feast is October 10) to Glebov:

   It was a wonderful time in spring… I could not resist its allurement to throw myself into nature’s embrace, and that paradise of spring, which I chose as a place of my daily visits, was the dark, thick forest situated on the high bank of a big, wider river (the Oka) that washes with its milky waters several central Russian provinces.
   Giving myself over to this blessed state in the bosom of nature, I drank in its aromatic breadth and went deeply into the spiritual apprehension of the Creator, Who is too immense to behold…
   The surrounding world from which I came forth then retreated from me to somewhere far away, and disappeared into the realm of concepts foreign from me…
   I was alone. Around me there was only the slumbering forest. Its ancient giants stretched far into the skies. They searched for God. I was also in search for Him.
   But suddenly, I am outside of the forest, somewhere far away, in another world, quite unknown to me, never seen by me, never imagined by me… Around me there is bright white light! Its transcendence is so pure and enticing that I am submerged, along with my perception, into limitless depths and cannot completely fill myself with its lofty spirituality.
Everything is so full of beauty all around. So endearing is life… so endless the way. I am being swept across this limitless, clear space. My sight is directed upwards, does not descend anymore, does not see anything earthly. The whole of the heavenly firmament has transformed itself before me into one general bright light, pleasing to the sight .... But I do not see the sun. I can see only its endless shining and bright light. The whole space in which I glide without hindrance, without end, without fatigue, is filled with white, just as is its light and beautiful beings, transparent as a ray of sun. And through them I am admiring this limitless world. The images of all these beings unknown to me are infinitely diverse and full of beauty .... I also am white and bright as are they. Over me, as over them, there reigns eternal rest. Not a single thought of mine is any longer enticed by anything earthly, not a single beat of my heart is any longer moving with human cares or earthly passion. I am all peace and rapture. But I still am moving in this infinite light, which surrounds me without change. There is nothing else in the world except for the white, bright light and these equally radiant numberless beings. But all these beings do not resemble me, nor are they similar to each other; they are all endlessly varied, and compellingly attractive. Amidst them, I fed myself incredibly peaceful. They evoke in me neither fear, nor amaze­ment, nor trepidation. All that we see here does not agitate us, does not amaze us. All of us here are as if we have belonged to each other for a long time, are used to each other and are not strangers at all. We do not ask questions, we do not speak to each other about anything. We all feel and understand that there is nothing novel for us here. All our questions are solved with one glance, which sees everything and everyone. There is no trace of the wars of passions in anyone. All move in different directions, opposite to each other, not feeling any limitation, any inequality, or envy, or sorrow, or sadness. One peace reigns in all the images of entities. One light is endless for all. Oneness of life is comprehensible to all.
   My rapture at all this superseded everything. I sank into this eternal rest. No longer was my spirit disturbed by anything. And I knew nothing else earthly. None of the tribulations of my heart came to mind, even for a minute. It seemed that every­thing I had experienced before on earth never existed. Such was my feeling in this new radiant world of mine. And I was at peace and joyful, and desired nothing better for myself. All my earthly thoughts concerning fleeting happiness in the world died in this beautiful life, new to me, and did not come back to life again. So it seemed to me at least, there, in that better world.
   But how I came back here - I do not recall. What transitory state it was, I do not know. I only felt that I was alive, but I did not remember the world in which I lived before on earth. This did not seem at all to be a dream. Actually, about earthly things I no longer had the least notion. I only felt that the present life is mine, and that I was not a stranger in it. In this state of spirit I forgot myself and immersed myself in this light-bearing eter­nity. And this timelessness lasted without end, without mea­sure, without expectation, without sleep, in this eternal rest. Thus it seemed to me that there would not be any kind of change....
   But then suddenly, the thread of my radiant life was cut off and I opened my eyes. Around me was the familiar forest, and a beam of spring sunlight was playing on its meadows. I was seized with terrible sadness. "Why am I here again?" I thought. And that radiant, light-emanating world which I had experi­enced with all its hosts of numberless visionary entities, vividly remained impressed before my mental eyes. But my physical vision did not see it any longer. This terrible and tearful sorrow I could not endure and I began to cry bitterly.
   Only after that experience did I believe in the concept of the separation of the soul from the body, and understood what the special spiritual world was. But the question of what is the meaning of life still remained a mystery for me. And in order to penetrate into this mystery I left this world into which I was born, and embraced the monastic life.
   "Oh, Father, then that must have been your dream?" I asked Fr. Ambrose, pointing to his manuscript.
   "I do not know whether it was a dream or whether it occurred in reality," answered the righteous Elder with concen­tration. "I still have not solved that mystery for myself, but I believe that my spirit lives separately from my body; otherwise it could not have seen that which my physical vision does not know. After all, one cannot perceive the light of day with the tips of the fingers on one's hand. So also, I think my soul cannot visualize that which is not in God's world. And if the soul sees this world, which my eyes do not see, then it must be that it factually does exist as something real. And I believe in this absolutely.... ".
   With these words, the thoughtful glance of the Elder prayerfully rose to the icon of Christ, and he reverently crossed himself.
   With such universal mysteries was the soul of this highly­ revered Optina Monastery Elder, Ambrose, filled. With such an outlook on God's world he directed all believing pilgrims who used to come to Optina to him to get a holy blessing for their lives. And precisely in this transcendent spirit he greeted all people who were suffering in heart and soul, who sought in his holy guidance healing of their infirmities. And how many living examples there were of the miraculous spiritual transformations of many people, who were truly partaking of the good counsel of Elder Ambrose....
   1 knew a man in Christ. .. (whether in the body, I cannot tell; or whether out of the body, I cannot tell: God knoweth) such a one caught up to the third heaven (II Cor. 12:2).

Fr. Leonid Kavelin, Elder Macarius of Optina translated by Valentina V. Lyovina (1995), St. Herman of Alaska Brotherhood, Platina, California, U.S.A.