Saturday, December 13, 2014

Question and Answer

   How can we live fully as Christians in this age and in these days?... (Iman, Najah, Gabriella and her children).

   The Lord said: “The Kingdom of Heaven is like a treasure hidden in a field, which a man found and hid; and for joy over it, he goes and sells all that he has and buys that field.”(Mt 13: 44).

   Christianity is that Kingdom of Heaven which the Lord shows to us today hidden in a field, and the field is us, humans!!. The treasure is in us, children of God, or rather His servants by humility, love and our standing before Him asking for healing from our sins, and our fall from the proximity of the Lord, King of Heaven and Earth’s throne!!.

   Why does God permit that this treasure remains hidden and concealed in the field?!!... So that the hands of the enemy won’t reach it, the wicked, the evil one, aiming to spoil what God has planted, or to plant weeds instead of wheat, thus ruining the harvest of the King’s fields.

   The Lord answered those who asked Him about the weeds, the bad seeds, that appeared on the ground with the wheat that Jesus and His followers have planted … Wait till the Last Day!!. Then the angels will gather the righteous and place them at the King’s banquet. Whereas the weeds will be thrown into the fire to be burned so they won’t grow anymore and spoil the work of God.

    This is my message for you today, my beloved in Christ!!.

   Living as Christians is living “the Word of God”, in our lives at every time and place!. Sometimes by confessing it, at others by keeping silence, but always in absolute chastity and love of God and the brethren… Do not preach down to your children like some sects that go around houses, ever since the beginning of time, in order to convince people with beliefs different from what the Gospel teaches and from God’s commandments or Orthodoxy …

   You should be families that practice faith through love and almsgiving and prayer!.

   Do no fear for your children!. Strengthen them with the Word of the Gospel, with faith, joy and let them socialize with others so that they become the leaven that leavens the dough of society… Share with them events, days and activities… Be friends with them, do not suppress them. Let them discover the truth by themselves through your love for them, for Orthodoxy and the society and the whole universe!... Discuss with them modern sciences and technologies… Because the evil one can prevent them from listening to you if you are ignorant!... Give them books of the Holy Fathers to read as well as books on the doctrine and the lives of Saints… We have an extensive library, but what we lack also, my brethren, is the living faith and the initial practices of life in Christ and love of our brethren.

   All this can be initiated through your prayers, your faith and by abiding to the Gospel’s virtues since your youth years … 

   Live your Orthodoxy with all your being, by repentance, by prostrations, by fasting and by prayer… And by your constant confession and repentance!. Then the grace of God will descend upon you and you will become lights shining brightly in the sky of the Church… Find yourself a spiritual father or mother before going to confession, because they will help you clarify the hidden intentions of your heart and your thoughts.

   My wish is that you distance yourself from external formalities and indifference in faith… For the Lord Jesus does not accept such faith… He Who incarnated in order to overthrow our rotten and selfish faith, so that we may live in spirit and truth once again and every day and moment of our life on earth.
Mother Mariam

(Translated from Arabic
at the Holy Trinity Family in Douma- Lebanon).