Saturday, December 27, 2014

For the sisters

We nuns chose a life which is called: angelic.
   The angels are found in the Heavens; praising in hymns and serving the All-holy will of God.
   Therefore our life also is this:
   To praise in hymns and to serve the will of God.
   But how?

   The angels in the Heavens are close to the Lord. We however on earth are far from Him. And as human beings, what we do not see and do not touch, unless we advance in the spiritual life, we cannot understand it and enter into communion with it.
   However the ineffable love of God found the way.
        “Do you love me, He says, and wish to please me?
         Well there! I gave you the Yerondissa.
         Comfort through your life her soul and so I will be pleased.
         Execute willingly her command and this is obedience to my will.
         In the face of the Yerondissa it is I for you.
         Behind the face of every sister,
         accept my existence.
         And so your life will be,
         a constant song of praise to me.”
   But sadly we ascertain, that this so simple and easy communion with Christ from now, here on earth, becomes difficult because our human weaknesses come in between.
   What can we do now?
   We must take care to be always in readiness, if someone asks us to speak to him about our life in one word, to be able to answer him: “VIOLENCE”.
   And if he asks us for a second one, to answer: “VIOLENCE”.
   And if he asks for a third one, to once again answer: “VIOLENCE”.
   If we do not achieve our martyrdom in our kenosis from the old person with its habits, wishes and rights, the Lord will not find a place in us, neither we in Him.
   Self-denial, bloody withdrawing of one’s own will and acceptance of the other, will render us angels from now, here on earth, having the presence of Christ living around us, as well as citizens of the Heavens after our death, where we will delight in joy and blessedness, gazing upon His divine Face and His Glory. Amen.

   Written by a nun who is a physician and has been paralyzed for many years in the monastery of Saint John the Baptist-Kareas in Greece.